Migrating to a Statically Generated Blog

Up until now, I have been utilizing Google's Blogger service. It made sense: I use a lot of Google's services, and Blogger is well integrated with a lot of them; free hosting, decent flexibility.

However, I am slowly migrating towards the idea of my entire online presence being managed by me and not by hosted services (more on the motivation for this in a later post), and also to the idea that my website is the hub for all of this. A statically generated site meets these goals while being both cheap and simple.

It's also easier to use general web-development techniques now that I'm not hamstrung by a service's blogging engine. As you can see I've kept the look and feel very simple, but there are interesting things you can do with web technologies that I may take advantage of in the future.

The software I'm utilizing is Org-page, an Emacs plug-in which allows you to do you writing in Org mode, which is where I spend a lot of my time. Org-page in itself is a nice tool, however over time I may eventually fork it or write one of my own.

Currently I'm using GitHub Pages for hosting although this is probably largely unimportant and may change in the future.

I will back-fill entries made from Blogger in the near future. Until then, things will look a little sparse.